Craft Design Intervention | Silver Filigree

Craft Design Intervention | Silver Filigree

Our recent work with Creative Dignity and Tarasha ( A Titan Initiative), involved working on the Silver Filigree of Karimnagar. learning and experiences all the way from Telangana, India. 

This was supported by the teams of Crafts Council of Telangana and Creative Dignity. The project led by Saumya Pankaj, Founder of The India Craft Project - started with a fly on the wall, understanding people, processes and challenges faced by the artisans.

We then started with design and visualisation workshops with the women of Filigree, learning local concepts, developing on those and executing those into the craft for Filigree while understanding trends.

The project continues as a mentorship but some key tangible outcomes were a jewellery collection, big and small ones, developing on existing designs and adding collateral for maintenance and silver certification as part of their product packaging to establish trust with the potential buyers.

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