Welcome to

The India Craft Project

The India Craft Project is a for profit social enterprise with a vision of safeguarding and promoting our cultural knowledge systems. We co-create new designs, products and custom bulk gifting experiences with traditional artisans across crafts, pan India.

We are driven to inspire the scope of handicrafts and art from India, and make it reach entities and individuals that procure with a larger purpose. Our design philosophy is interwoven in the fabric of the rural lives of our craft communities.

Our founder, Saumya Pankaj, encountered some of these across parts of India as she traveled to six states, different craft clusters in each state, and spent a year with artisans across crafts and cultural practices - each time with a different research approach, new challenges, new stories and more learnings. These are our artisan partners today, who we co-create our products and services with and together we constitute the humble TICP (The India Craft Project) family.

Our Philosophy

'TICP' is an acronym for 'The India Craft Project' and our logo has been humbly designed by our founder, Saumya Pankaj, in a calligraphic and continuous form where the alphabets are woven to come together. Moreover, on rotating the logo 90 degrees clockwise, it morphs into an artisan with an extended hand in his sacred workshop. The three dots at the bottom, as on the chins of our Indian tribal women, stand to safeguard ('Nazar Na Lage' notion in Hindi) and to accentuate what’s already beautiful - and that is our role in the Indian Craft sector. Thus, our logo tries to incorporate all qualities of craftsmanship along with the rustic and beautiful earthiness of Indian Folk arts so that we never lose touch with our roots.

  • Storytelling

    Our artisanal products marry the quintessential traditional 'karigari' with contemporary flair, each piece telling a story of people, cultures, and craftsmanship. Because every purchase is a chapter in a living narrative.

  • Sustainability

    We blend cultural heritage with sustainable innovation, championing artisans over mass production. Every purchase supports our rich heritage and cultural legacy.

  • Relevance

    Authenticity drives us. We combine timeless design with masterful craftsmanship, offering products that resonate deeply. Dive into our world of handcrafted wonders and experience the power of design that speaks volumes.