Purse Design | In Zardozi

Purse Design | In Zardozi

Hand embroidered zardozi purse on rich burgundy velvet, accented with a golden chain along with an elegant golden pocket lining inside. 

The vivid ‘kat jaal’ pattern is inspired from the Mughal architecture present around Old Delhi, studded with semi precious stones. The design reflects light from the beautiful gold of the skilled craft of zardozi. Style it as a sling or a clutch, give it your twist!

‘Zardozi’ comes from ‘Zar’ meaning gold and ‘Dozi’ meaning embroidery. The process of zardozi used to involve making elaborate and intricate designs, using real gold leaves and silver threads often with precious stones.

Today a combination of copper wire, with a golden or silver polish, and a silk threads are used along with semi precious stones to keep this royal tradition alive, in all its glory. Our Zardozi pieces are hand crafted. Some colours may vary slightly but we assure you, you’ll be in awe of them, just as we are.

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